Here’s What Industry Insiders Say who is the No.1 Astrologer In India.

Going back to the history of astrology the birth of astrology is credited to the Babylonians. The Babylonians astrology was introduced to the Greeks in early 4th century B.C. and then it diversified its occurrence to all the major parts of the world then, it was the time when famous astrological names such as Nechepso & Petosiris, Vettius Valens and Berossus were hugely popular amongst the rich and influential category.

Astrology soon became the part of Indian culture as well when the “jyotisha shastra” came into existence which was the preparation of calendar to fix the dates of specific rituals. Indians however took this art as to predict the future with the moving of celestial bodies and since then Astrology became a part of Indian society.

The learning schools were created to master the art of astrology and after few years the scholars wrote famous books and magazines that revived the modern day astronomy. The competition to become the No.1 astrologer in India arrived in the 19th century as surge in medium and high income class started trusting the famous astronomers in India. The myth which was the ‘astronomy is only for influential’s’ broke by the time.

Indian Astrologers which were famous amongst the celebrities also expanded to western countries and soon named as the best astrologer in USA also, as USA was already showing interest in the study of astronomy that time. Establishing themselves as the experts in Vashikaran, black magic removal, spiritual healing, palm reading etc. The genuine learning of astronomy is considered exceptional and result oriented. Then came the revolution in Internet that showed a transparent approach towards prominent astronomical figures in modern day backed by the media and television. Chasing for the name and fame to become No. 1 astrologer in India is the approach for every astronomer but only the famous figures ruled the mass population which is till now.

Astrology remains the important facet in the lives of each individual, some day or the other when things go out of our control, people take a chance of taking a spiritual path which is I believe a great way to heal our self from negativity.

The long history of astronomy in India has seen ups and downs since the beginning, some people trust these predictions and some are totally away from it. People love hearing about their future the most as no one can see the real picture of tomorrow, the way forward to share positive vibes when things are odd is to trust the spiritual healer and astrologers, but the key is to find the best amongst all.

The vedic shastra are so strong and relevant that are even noticed by the west as well. People who are looking for best astrological report can check out best astrologer in USA.